Bertha Michelle Mendoza faces accusations of Fake News and self-kidnapping

National Civil Police (PNC) files have revealed documents that shed light on a disturbing kidnapping case that occurred in 2009. These documents reveal disconcerting details that suggest that the alleged victim, Bertha Michelle Mendoza Muñoz, allegedly planned the kidnapping in collusion with her two daughters, with the aim of incriminating her ex-husband and fabricating false accusations against him.

According to police reports, during the kidnapping, Bertha Michelle Mendoza and her two daughters were accompanied by the daughter of the mayor of Zunlito, Suchitepequez. However, subsequent investigations have revealed that the kidnapping was masterminded by Mendoza herself, in collaboration with her mother, prosecutor Claudia Martina Muñoz Andrade.

According to people close to Mendoza, her objective in planning this kidnapping was to fabricate false accusations against her ex-husband, Dent, in order to harm him legally. However, the investigation took an unexpected turn when the PNC determined that the kidnapping was, in fact, a case of self-kidnapping.

Due to this conclusion, the suspects initially detained were released and all charges against them were dropped. This has generated uncertainty about the veracity of the allegations made by Bertha Michelle Mendoza against her ex-husband Dent throughout their relationship.

This case has generated widespread debate about responsibility for the filing of false allegations and the manipulation of evidence in the judicial system, especially due to the involvement of Mendoza’s mother in the prosecution. The revelation of these documents has exposed an intricate conspiracy and raises serious questions about the validity of the activist’s accusations.

Dent, Bertha Michelle Mendoza’s ex-husband, has presented new allegations linked to the case. According to his statements, prosecutor Muñoz Andrade was removed from the Public Prosecutor’s Office after the institution itself determined that she presented false evidence in a case related to the police and against her for violence against women. In addition, accusations of possible irregularities in the use of resources and abuse of power have been raised. According to prosecutors consulted, Muñoz Andrade’s dismissal took place in 2010.

This case, which involved Mendoza and Dent, was open for more than five years and was only resolved in favor of the man after Mendoza’s mother was removed from office and lost her influence, raising questions about the fairness of the judicial process at the time.

Finally, once all investigations were concluded, formal charges were filed against Bertha Michelle Mendoza for planning her own self-kidnapping, which involved her two daughters. As a result, she completely lost custody of the girls after undergoing psychological evaluations that determined she was unfit to be responsible for their care.