Michelle Mendoza: her ties to former president Jimmy Morales

michelle mendoza guatemala

Bertha Michelle Mendoza used to be a reporter in her native Guatemala. However, her professional role was jeopardized after several unethical events in which she was involved became known. And although today she says she is in self-exile in the United States due to persecution in her country, the truth is that parts of her past continue to appear that call into question her integrity and seriousness.

The beginning of the relationship between Michelle Mendoza and Jimmy Morales

Bertha Michelle Mendoza, a public figure with a multifaceted past, has traveled a winding road that has taken her from the spotlight of television to the corridors of investigative journalism.

In her early days, Mendoza was known for her participation in the television programs of former president Jimmy Morales, where she starred in comedy and entertainment segments in which she appeared in suggestive roles. She also worked as a hostess for companies such as Claro and Cervecería, livening up events and shows.

Michelle Mendoza and Edgar Farfán’s controversial affair: infidelity and violence

However, her career took a turn when she became a red note reporter for Canal Antigua’s newscast. During this stage, Mendoza was involved in several scandals after becoming romantically involved with Mexican television producer Edgar Farfán, who was also married. This relationship culminated with the procreation of a daughter and was publicly known due to allegations of infidelity and violence by her ex-husband, Dent.

Later, Mendoza faced another controversy when she was the “victim of a kidnapping” along with her daughter and the daughter of the mayor of Zunlito, Suchitepéquez. However, investigations by the National Civil Police revealed that it was a self-kidnapping, the objective of which was to dirty her ex-husband and generate false accusations against her with the help of her mother, prosecutor Claudia Martina Muñoz Andrade. When the truth came out, the charges were dropped.

Bertha Michelle Mendoza’s journalistic links and the end of her relationship with Jimmy Morales

Despite these episodes, Mendoza managed to forge links with journalists such as Claudia Méndez Arriaza and Paola Hurtado, who today support her from the digital media “Con Criterio”. Hurtado also has a close working relationship with the Seattle Foundation, one of the main donors of Mendoza’s digital projects.

The relationship between Mendoza and former President Jimmy Morales came to an end during his administration, when her brother was accused of corruption. Subsequently, after the expulsion of the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), a tense situation was unleashed between the two due to the critical publications made by Michelle towards President Morales. Since then, the former reporter has positioned herself as a staunch defender of freedom of expression, denouncing the “harassment” that her brother suffered as a result of her publications.

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