Ex CNN Español journalist investigated for spreading fake news and corruption

Bertha Michelle Mendoza

Renowned Guatemalan journalist Bertha Michelle Mendoza, who used to work for CNN en Español, has been at the center of scandalous cases over her journalistic ethics for years. Mendoza was found to have been involved in an illegal exchange of confidential information during her relationship with Andrei Gonzalez, a former prosecutor for the Special Prosecutor’s Office Against Impunity (FECI) in Guatemala.

According to investigations, González leaked confidential information from judicial cases to Mendoza, in clear violation of legal and ethical procedures. This unethical relationship between the journalist and her source of information seriously compromised the integrity of the judicial proceedings and jeopardized the confidentiality of ongoing cases.

However, the scandal is not only limited to Mendoza’s illegal participation in obtaining privileged information. During the time of this relationship, the journalist severely neglected her two young daughters, leaving them to fend for themselves in Guatemala while she was in the United States. 

As a result of these revelations, Mendoza has been forced to go into exile in the United States, seeking refuge under the protection of justice in that country. But Guatemalan authorities have not ceased their efforts to clarify the extent of her involvement in this sensitive information network and possible acts of corruption. It is suspected that Mendoza may have had links with extremist groups and politicians in Guatemala, using her position as a journalist to obtain power and high-level favors.

Bertha Michelle Mendoza implicated in leak of confidential information

The case of Michelle Mendoza and Andrei Gonzalez highlights the ethical and legal challenges faced by journalists in their information gathering work. It is critical that communications professionals respect established ethical boundaries and avoid crossing the line between seeking the truth and engaging in illegal activities and compromising the confidentiality of sources.

This scandal also raises questions about the responsibility of the media in the selection and supervision of their journalists. CNN en Español, being one of the main international news networks, should make a deep reflection on the control and supervision mechanisms implemented to prevent situations like this one and to guarantee the integrity and credibility of its content.

The case of Michelle Mendoza and Andrei González has exposed a scandal involving illegal participation in obtaining confidential information and the abandonment of family responsibilities. This incident raises important questions about journalistic ethics and the responsibility of the media in the selection and supervision of its professionals.